What is ChibiPaint Oekaki?

ChibiPaint is an open source oekaki applet, a software that allows people to draw and paint online and share the result with other art enthusiasts. You can start using it right now and integrate it into your own website.

Features highlights:

– High-quality brushes.

– Rotating Canvas.

– Multiple layers with many blending modes.

– Filters such as noise generation and blur.

– Tablet pressure sensitivity through JTablet support.

– Open source: licensed under GPL v3

Free to use, even on your own website:

While you can enjoy using ChibiPaint on this website, you can also download the applet to integrate and use on your own website. As we are currently providing the applet only and not the supporting scripts, that requires a little bit of web programming knowledge. We hope to provide an easier solution in the future.

The best is yet to come!

ChibiPaint is still the “alpha stage” of its development. Which means it’s not finished and will continue to evolve as the development continues. But as shown by the many wonderful artworks that have already been created by our talented users, it’s already quite capable.

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